How do I register for this event?

Register for Upyerathlon Twin Cities 2016 on our Eventbrite page. Or come to one of our in-person preregistration events in September or October.

Where is the starting and ending point?

Mears Park in downtown St. Paul. Below is a map of the 5K walking route.

*Click on image to enlarge


What is the date and time it will be held on?

Saturday October 15 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

What is the schedule for the day of the event?

View a detailed schedule for Upyerathlon Twin Cities 2016.

Do any of the proceeds from this event go to charity?

Proceeds are going to Sprockets and Children’s Hospital for the purchase and distribution of children’s books.

Where can I park in downtown St. Paul? 

What are the bus and rail options?

Metro Transit bus routes or the Metro Green Line light rail.

What is the route for the walk portion?

It is a 5K route through downtown St. Paul. Click on the map below to view details on the route.

UYA Updated Route

Can I cancel or get a refund after I have registered?

No cancellation or refunds are allowed.

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